How to increase Sales/leads using Content Intelligence?

Content Intelligence

Your content is the superhighway to your target audience, which is why digital marketers claim that content is the king. Your content is the direct mode of communication with your target audience. But what makes it possible to reach your audience are your content marketing strategies– the ace of spades. Interestingly, according to a study published by Forbes, 1.3 million content pieces are shared every minute on Facebook, 300 hours of video content gets uploaded on YouTube every minute, and nearly 70 million blogs go live through WordPress every month. 

With so much being shared online every minute, creating a content strategy that excels is challenging for digital marketers.  On the off chance you can develop marketing strategies that render precise results and quality sales/leads- you gain an edge over others.

Highly likely that many cannot tap marketing strategies in the correct way that hits the bullseye- target audience. That’s where the so talked about ‘Content Intelligence’ saves your day!

Let us dive deeper into the details of how by using Content Intelligence, you can significantly increase your sales or leads.?

Addressing the What of Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence is defined as the process of integrating artificial intelligence in your software programs for a next-level content marketing strategy that renders actionable insights about how your content is influencing your target audience and how it is succeeding. 

Implement Content Intelligence- knowing the why is the key 

According to the Content Marketing Institute report, an average B2B marketer allocates 28% of the budget to content marketing, and some even allocate 42%.

Implementing Content Intelligence could lead you to your potential leads. It also amplifies the overall growth and revenue generation process. You can untangle the vast universe of data to make effective content-based decisions.

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Address these challenges with Content intelligence:

  1. Increasing in organic traffic
  2. Quality lead generation
  3. Better audience engagement
  4. Increased sales
  5. Success of SEO
  6. Increasing website authority and ranking
  7. Analysing Competitors market and growth

Note: It is important to engage your visitors and make yourself more visible if you want to be seen online. Write blogs and publish them on your site which is informative and can draw your visitor’s attention. Create a subscription database so that each blog that you publish goes to these recipients, thus increasing your site traffic. Content optimization helped our clients increase their traffic by almost 300 percent. Check our healthcare digital marketing and legal digital marketing services for success.

The process involved in Content Intelligence 

Content Intelligence provides insights that help you with better quality content that effectively engages your audience and augments lead generation.

Content Intelligence is a blend of different technologies that help to make content marketing effective, influential and rewarding.

The technologies are Machine Learning(ML), Natural Language Generation(NLG), and Natural Language Understanding(NLU).

They work in three steps 

Data collection

This involves collecting data or content about your customer behavior through AI-powered digital marketing software. You do data collection through web analytics tools—data like content performance and social media trends.

Data analysis

Analysing your data is the next step when you have successfully collected data. You can analyze data such as

  • Competitors brand search- You can analyze your competitors brand, how is it doing by conducting an exhaustive volume search of keywords.
  • Customer analysis- knowing your customer is the key, understanding what they expect and sharing relevant information or products with them.
  • Channel analysis – with data analysis, we can identify which channel can be targeted for content for the future.

Gaining actionable insights

With AI-powered software, you can better your content in three ways and develop relevant SEO Content Strategies.

Content suggestion- the insights will help you to identify which content to produce and when to produce.

Content updation- as per your targeted audience.

Generating better content- you can generate content that is high quality and well-structured.

Final thoughts: Content continues to be the key in B2B businesses. It can solve a wide range of problems and challenges by alleviating time stress and upscaling your mediocre content strategy. Content Intelligence is the demand of the new-age digital marketing era. Without it, your content is unwatched and uninitiated. Leverage the AI technology at hand and increase your sales and leads significantly with the intelligent content strategy.