Social Responsibility

We would like to make this world a better place to live and want to contribute as much as we can at whatever stage of life we are at. This page is a small initiative from us to keep us on our toes & keep doing good.

Free SEO for Non-profit organizations

Statupflux never steps back when it comes to helping organizations work for society’s betterment. So, if you’re an NGO and need help to promote your website and its excellent work on Google, we’ll gladly help you.


Business/Technology Consulting

Every business needs consultation when it comes to boosting its online presence. They want to address their customer’s pain points. We can work with you to identify areas for improvement, develop a strategic plan, and implement solutions that drive great results.

Free vocational skill training in Marketing & Development

Anyone can make a mark in the universe. They need the proper guidance and support. We want to help those people get started on their journey, and we do that by providing free vocational skill training in Marketing & Development.


Crowdsourcing for Health and Education

The power of crowdsourcing can be used to help people in need. We’ve seen the strength in unity, giving people a place to come together and make a difference. We are launching this platform to raise funds for Health and Education for those who need it most.