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Startupflux offers clean, comprehensive and highly customizable business software solutions to suit a range of purposes from
corporate, tech startup, marketing, sales to digital storefront.

About Our Technology Solutions Team

StartupFlux is at the forefront of tech solutions, helping companies big and small deliver projects on time and on budget. We help companies go live faster with their desired customer experience. Building a new system is challenging which is why we are assisting you each step of the way. A critical step to success is ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible with previous planning and preparation.

Our 10+ solutions leverage advanced technology, data, and deep expertise to help clients in new and exciting ways.

We accelerate your implementation, deliver added value and reduce risk. We are the business people that make technology work for you!


Code free customisation

Less dependency on Developers


Peace of mind

Support and free update

Secure & Scalable

Enterprise grade security

Drastically reduce your time to market

Ready solutions enable you to go to market almost immediately compared to the
usual 4-6 months cycle. Our solution expertise quickly provides business insights
that help you cover the blind spots

Digital Product Catalogue

Showcase your products over an app. Reach out to more consumers and boost your sales. Works for both B2B & B2C. Admin dash to customize everything, with zero developer dependency.

Lead Capture Automation

Want to capture leads you meet at events, trade shows and send automated marketing follow ups? Want to collect feedback & send leads straight to your CRM?

Custom Reader + Newsletter

Tailor-made news feeds for you. Unclutter & read only about the topics, competitors or customers you want to know about. Delivered over Web, Mobile or Newsletters for your entire team.

Job Management System

Need a management system for receive work from clients, delegate to your internal team and deliver the end product back to the client. Look no further.
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B2B Marketplace

See a communication problem in the B2B space? This B2B Classifieds app can help you connect and sell/buy products to/from other businesses.

Competitor Analysis

Simply monitor your competitors. Current matrices: Facebook, twitter, alexa, blogs, top keywords, media mentions and more.
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Data cleaning & classification

Automate repeated mundane tasks of data classification using AI. Our system seamlessly learns as you add more data. Reduce human error and increase productivity.

Monitoring dashboard

Monitor any networks, services, servers or databases that you want to. Numbers don’t lie. Works with Alexa, Google analytics, FB, Twitter, AWS, Mongo, Linkedin and more.

Sales & Marketing CRM

Unified CRM to measure Marketing ROI. Know what channels work best for your sales teams and optimize quickly.

Marketing Agency Toolkit

Monitor your client stats, keyword rank tracker, meta generator, content research, competitive analysis, keyword research and more. one solution for all your agency needs.