About Us

  • How It Works

    Combining Simple Use cases and Data Science to Build Powerful Solutions:
    - Data Extraction
    We gather publically available information from 20+ companies, 10+ API's, 5+ social media, 4000+ News feeds, & Job boards, and scan 500,000+ websites weekly.
    - Data Transformation
    We clean and structure the data collected from multiple sources and bring it into a single user readable format.
    - Data Analysis
    Analyze 80+ Data points to extract relevant insights
    - Machine Learning
    We apply Machine Learning Algorithms to build models
    - Predictive Analytics
    Extend our machine learning algo's and data anlytics to predict the future of companies and markets.
    - Business Logic
    Implemented Business logic to make decision mainng and execution easier

    We aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data and use machine learning, algorithms and data visualization to help companies so they can answer massive strategic questions using data.

  • Values

    Our company’s goal is simple, to strive for perfection and never settle. We want to build the best product and services out there which can have a positive impact on people’s lives. We live by some core values embedded deep in our company culture:

    Empathy. Don’t be evil. Be Courteous. Everyone is different. Everyone has a life. Respect and be respected.
    Craftsmanship tempered with playfulness. Care about Design, Precision and Perfection. Be Passionate and do not be afraid to play around.
    Be open and transparent. Simplify your relationships. Lose the filter. Talk openly about what you care about and the problems you are dealing with. Get feedback to get better.
    Stay focused.Is the thing you are working on right now the most valuable thing you could be doing? A corollary to this: trust others to execute on their objectives so that you can stay focused on your own.
    Move Fast. Move quickly. Do not lag. Once a decision is made, execute on it as fast as possible. Ship quickly. Save words. Instead, implement and measure. Perfect is the enemy of good.
    Thriving, both in ourselves and others. That means thriving not only as a team, but also making sure you’re personally thriving and doing this thing you’re meant to be doing with your whole heart
    Smile more! Have fun. Don’t regret. Don’t think too hard. Be optimistic. Assume the best. Things will work out — how could they not?

  • Vision

    We have one purpose -Build Tools to Make your work life Simpler! Our team comes to work every day to build technology that helps companies guess less and win more.

    StartupFlux provides a Suite of Smart Solutions that enable Monitoring, Research, Sales and Marketing, on a single, easy to use platform.We have a unique value proposition as we provide a set of scattered tools, under one roof, at a price that doesn't break your bank.

    At StartupFlux, we curate Company information, analyze thousands of News/Blog feeds, leverage Publically available datasets, and build Smart Tools to help build, De-risk and grow Global Businesses.

    From companies searching for partners to collaborate with, to investors seeking new opportunities, to entrepreneurs looking for relevant information, as of today, we enable users to ask harder questions, get better answers, and make more confident business decisions. Our vision is to become 'Consulting in the Cloud' Platform. Technologically supercharged McKinsey for everyone.

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StartupFlux Timeline

Company established- Dec 2016
1 founding member
First Full Time Hires- Feb 2017
Core Team: 3
Platform Open for Public Beta
August 2017
Platform Launch
November 2017
Services - Development & Marketing
January 2018
Solutions Business
June 2018
StartupFlux Partners
July 2018

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