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Sales Intelligence

Lead Generation, Market Insights, and Competitive Intelligence.
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Marketing Intelligence

Full Stack Content Research, SMM, Email & Influencer marketing,
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Providing Access to Data, Analytics and Tools that you never had before

Why StartupFlux?

Empower your Teams to Earn more


Saves Time / Manpower

Deliver faster with less resources. Give your products/teams the Ferrari they deserve.


Boosts Performance

From Good to Great. Uncover the blind spots, make your shine and your user's smile.


Cost Effective

Our focus on Automation allows up to keep the costs low and pass it on to the consumers.


Secure & Reliable

Enterprise Grade security and guaranteed 99.95% uptime for complete peace of mind.


1M+ Companies

With Databse of over 1M companies, we make sure you're never left in the dark.


500,000+ Articles

Analyzing everything to everything to make sure you get what you want.


80M+ Data Points

Over 80M+ Data points to help power conversations from first touch.


1500+ Users

Trusted and used by over 1500 users working smarter today.

Our Growth Stack

Tools that Help your Business Grow faster

  • Company Research

    Search and Build lists of Competitors, Customers, Investment opportunities to stay updated and move fast.

  • Sales Recommendations

    Stop wasting time on chasing the wrong customers. Choose wisely and close as many deals as possible.

  • Market Insights

    Assess company health and momentum to understand Market Dynamics, identify future winners and threats today.


Discover and Track competitors to monitor their every move. Filter and prospect Customers that are most likely to convert and close deals faster.

Discover & Research Competitors, Markets, Industries, and Tools to Build Powerful Products and Product Roadmaps.

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  • Content Research

    Analyze what content performs best for any topic and on what social network

  • Content Analytics

    Get competitor content performance. See where they are getting success by network, content length and published day.

  • Influencer Outreach

    See what content an Influencer or an author publishes or shares most often and where.

  • Monitoring Dashboard

    Track all your statistics & metrics at one place, all on a single, easy to use dashboard.


Write better content, Share better content. Analyze Competitors Content, find the most engaging content in your industry. Engage with Authors and Influencers.

Highly Relevant Content curated and analysed from over 100k+ News, Blogs and Websites.

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How it Works

Data Souring + Machine Learning + Business Logic


Curate Data

Insights are sourced from News, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogs, Company websites, SEC filings, overall 4000+ sources


Convert into Insights

  • Content is fed into our machine learning models after undergoing a cycle of cleaning, tagging, and human curation


Deliver as Intelligence

Intelligence is delivered through our web app, mobile app, integrations and can also be accessed through our APIs

Our Use cases

Find your Next Customers

Track & Analyze Competitors

Write & Share Better Content

Follow Influencers & Authors

Monitor the Health of your Company

Content Research with Highly Relevant Search

Market Intelligence Tools

Delight New & Prospective Clients

Build Super Powerful Products

Here's What our Users Say

What i like the most about these guys is the price point. Other tools are just too expensive specially for Freelancers like me. I use it to find supplementing content, monitor my articles and identifying who is sharing my content.

Freelance Content Writer

What I love the most about StartupFlux is that it’s so easy to use. Just enter any keyword and it will immediately provide you with a list of articles that have worked well for that topic. You’ll also be able to check who shared this article and you could reach out to them via twitter. Definitely a wonderful tool for research and outreach.

Founder & CEO

Content Intelligence gives us the ability to track keywords and topic trends. It makes it easy for us to see what is being said online and figure out what areas to focus on. We are able to follow our clients which gives us a good analysis to dive deeper into our research.

Marketing Analyst

A very well integrated tool, and now my go-to source, for market intelligence information. The tool has a huge database of relevant content, platform features are well thought through and capture anticipated needs of users.We primarily use it to create an analysis of our competitors, track industry and funding updates.


Startupflux’s team have weekly calls with us to learn about any issues we were facing. They are also very open and receptive towards any improvements we suggested and we are able to get a highly customized tool to fit to our needs.

Founder & CEO

We now produce better quality posts with a smaller team size. Makes us Topic Experts within hours rather then days. Loving Startupflux!

Head of Content Strategy

We are able to monitor all the Content we’re publishing across blogs and measure the Engagement we’re getting. Helps us understand the ROI and reduce spends.

Founder & CEO

StartupFlux Company Intelligence enables our Sales Team to focus on selling to mid-large Marketing Agencies instead of trying to chase everyone.

Customer Relationship Lead

Trusted by over 1,500 users in over 20 countries

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