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Monitoring Dashboard
Track all your statistics & metrics at one place, all on a single, easy to use dashboard.

Content Intelligence
Search Highly Relevant, machine filtered content from over 4k+ news and blogs across the globe.

Company Intelligence
Discover and Analyze companies. Measure the strength of companies across parameters.

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Bringing Pieces Together to Get Things Done


Monitoring Dashboard

Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Managers.

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Company Intelligence

Ideal for Investors, Sales Teams.

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Content Intelligence

Ideal for Content Writers, Marketers.

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Saves Time / Manpower

Deliver faster with less resources. Give your products/teams the Ferrari they deserve

Boosts Performance

From Good to Great. Uncover the blind spots, make your shine and your user's smile

Cost Effective

Our focus on Automation allows up to keep the costs low and pass it on to the consumers.


We offer Enterprise Grade Security so that your company data is completely secure

democratizing the data revolution Providing Access to Data, Analytics and Tools that you never had before


Taking Enterprise Grade Mainstream

  • Connect Multiple Services

    Connect Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Analytics, Youtube, Instagram, Alexa & more in one single dashboard.

  • Time Series Data

    We securely store the data and do the hard work for you. Visualise the time series data to see how you're growing.

  • Page Insights

    Page Insights will help you sort and filter to determine the tastes and interests of your audience.

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor the most important metrics from all your account at one place. Save countless hours wasted switching between different services.

Make your most important metrics clear and easy-to-understand. No distractions. No unnecessary complexity. No room for misinterpretation.


  • Find Most Engaging Content

    Analyze what content performs best for any topic and on what social network

  • Analyze Competitors Blog

    Get competitor content performance. See where they are getting success by network, content length and published day.

  • Follow Influencers & Authors

    See what content an Influencer or an author publishes or shares most often and where.

Content Intelligence

StartupFlux Content Intelligence curates and analyses content from over 4000 sources to Identify Topics, Industries, Entities, Engagement, Authors, Influencers & more.

Write & Share Better Content, Track Industry Trends, Company Blog, Competitors, Customers, Better understand Authors and Influencers

  • Analyze Competitors

    Search and Save Competitors in a List to stay alert on their each and every move.

  • Smart Sales Prospecting

    Stop wasting time on chasing the wrong customers. Choose wisely and close as many deals as possible.

  • Market Insights

    Assess company health and momentum to understand Market Dynamics, identify future winners and threats today.

Company Intelligence

Discover and Track competitors to monitor their every move and see where you stand against them. Identify and prospect customers that are most likely to convert and close deals faster.

Discover & Research Competitors, Markets, Industries, and Tools to Build Powerful Products and Product Roadmaps.

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Every Signup on StartupFlux comes with Free Deals from our partners, and Easy Integrations, All for free!

StartupFlux Deals

Deals/Offers/Partner Credits that we believe will provide amazing products, & services. 

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Our Use cases

One Platform, Countless Use cases

Content Research with Highly Relevant Search

Insights into who is publishing what, when and where. Spot the most Effective Content across the globe.

Write & Share Better Content

StartupFlux helps you to discover, curate and share content to complement and extend your content marketing.

Follow Influencers & Authors

Close Deals and complete existing Projects Faster. Delight Prospective Customers with the acquired knowledge.

Discover & Evaluate Companies

40+ Data points to Find Partners, Acquisition Targets. Benchmark ratings to get acquainted with industry mechanics

Track & Analyze Competitors

Find Competitors and Disruptors early on. Track and compare them to get insights to stay ahead of the curve.

Find your Next Customers

Identify and Prospect the Right Leads. Find Customers, Resellers & Affiliates to help Increase your Revenues Faster.

Monitor the Health of your Company

Stop wasting Countless Hours. Connect Services & Start Monitor your metrics and statistics, all at one place.

Delight New & Existing Clients

Close Deals and complete existing Projects Faster. Delight Prospective Customers with the acquired industry knowledge.

Build Super Powerful Products

Discover & Research Competitors, Markets, Industries, and Tools to Build Powerful Products and Product Roadmaps

Trusted by over 1,000 customers in over 20 countries

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