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eCommerce is a domain where marketing matters a lot. Customer acquisition costs are high and conversion ratios are low. You have to work across all elements of digital marketing in order for your e-commerce venture to succeed. here’s a guide to digital marketing for e-commerce

  • Search engine optimization
    – Good for Long-term income from search engines
  • Adword/PPC & Social media advertising
    – Good for short-term income
  • Content marketing
    – Good for long-term income, trust building and establishing a relationship with prospective and existing customers
  • Social media Marketing
    – Connect with customers, stay relevant and facilitate discussions
  • Email marketing
    – Stay in touch with new and existing customers
  • Conversion optimization
    – Optimize the website for sales. Work on performance and converting cart to checkout
  • Push Notifications
    – Push notifications serve immediate messages to its subscribers.
  • Misc
    – More Digital marketing strategies to win in the market
  1. SEO
    For e-commerce websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial task. Without SEO, it’s
    difficult to rank highly on search engines. This means less traffic, fewer sales, and less business
    generated by your website.
    There are two “types” of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO is anything you do to improve your
    ranking on your own website. Examples of this are copywriting, keyword research and placement,
    and the creation of good content. Off-page SEO is anything you do on other sites that affect your
    ranking. This includes link building, social shares (which lead to more links), and local SEO.
    On page: Keyword research, good content, HTML optimization, Site architecture
    Off page: Link building, social sharing, local SEO
  2. PPC
    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to generate short-term revenue and attract visitors
    to your website. PPC can be used to supplement your SEO efforts, as a second revenue stream, or
    it can be used temporarily while waiting for your optimization to “kick in.”
    PPC advertising is available through two main providers: Google (through its AdWords program)
    and Microsoft (through its Bing Ads program). Typically, PPC has a very high ROI, since you will only
    pay a few cents per click unless you are bidding on very popular keywords.
    Includes keyword research, ad optimization, landing page optimization, good content and CTA’s
  3. Content marketing
    Content marketing is one of the most popular ways to inform, engage with, and educate visitors
    to your website. It can take on many forms, including blog posts, whitepapers, infographics,
    testimonials, and so on.
    As more consumers choose to learn about products themselves before making a purchase – that
    is, doing independent research instead of contacting the manufacturer directly – it is crucial to have
    content available so that you can satisfy the curiosity of consumers. Content marketing is more
    then a tool to make your company more interesting: it is a way to answer questions, solve problems,
    and make sure your shoppers are getting the information they need to commit to a purchase.
    Includes Blogs posts, guest posts, 3rd party features, storytelling and most importantly reviews and testimonials
  4. Social media marketing
    For e-commerce websites, social media marketing is both a way to stay present in the minds of
    consumers and a customer service method. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
    and Instagram allows brands to share content, connect with customers, receive feedback, and resolve
    potential problems quickly.
    Note that you do not have to set up every social media account on this list. You can also join different
    or new social media networks later depending on your interest, time, and usage plans.
    Top channels for consumer products: facebook, twitter, Insta, and youtube. Use tactics like videos, and product photos
  5. Email marketing
    Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with both current and potential customers, offering
    them updates on new products, special promotions, and information that will ultimately drive them
    to make purchases from your store.
    For e-commerce websites, a robust email marketing program can be one of the biggest sources
    of revenue. The return on investment on email is also typically very high, since email platforms
    are inexpensive, content can be repurposed from your website and existing product images or
    photography, and the reach is widespread. However, remember that you can only send emails to
    those who have agreed to receive them!
    Use email marketing for promotions, new products, follow-ups and newsletters. marketing automation simply works to push sales
  6. Conversion rate optimization
    No marketing can work if your site is not optimized. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an ongoing set of processes by which website owners make their website visitors more likely to convert – that is, make a purchase. CRO typically involves A/B testing, as well as changes designed to speed up and streamline the website so that users are more willing to use it.CRO can involve very simple tasks, like comparing the conversion rate of one “add to cart” button
    color vs. another, as well as complex ones. CRO may also involve testing different landing pages,
    website design elements, and navigational options to determine their effectiveness on a shopper’s
    journey and decision-making process
    Optimize your site for responsiveness, speed, form optimization, A/B testing, Images, Ads and design
  7. Push notifications
    Push notificationsenable e-commerce businesses to engage, retarget and retain users with personalized web push notifications. Drive repeat sales with automated drip …
  8. Misc
    Depending on your business you can choose, Influencer marketing, features, print media advertising and more


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