6 Powerful Customer Success Emails for SaaS User Engagement and Retention


Think back when you last signed up any SaaS app. Post signing up, did you get any email?

More significantly, do you remember logging in and taking action on the content of those mailers? If the answer is yes, then congratulations for picking a SaaS app that undoubtedly knows a thing or two about customer retention.

A common question of most of the companies is that thousands of users are signing up for free trials, but none are purchasing.  The sad truth is, most SaaS start-ups obsess over customer acquirement, but then barricade their growth by not sending the right customer engagement emails, post-signup. The use of email is particularly the most effective way to convert a new user into a paying customer for SaaS apps.

So let’s see some email examples that will help you to maximize retention, boost trial-to-paid conversion, and slash churn.

Activation Email

Activation email are very important. They act as a reminder for busy users that they selected to sign up for your product. This small step sometimes makes the big difference between an to drive signup process.

Send Welcome Email

The next step on the road to conversion is welcome email. At its basic, a welcome email helps the user get started with product and get them through the preliminary setup phase. So its recommended to keep the message clear and eliminate confusion.

This is a chance to build a momentum by helping the user to complete setup. For example, below example of simple welcome email guides user to know more about organization.  A hyperlink “view our full list of features” redirect user to directly to the app which is pro for company and can help a lot in conversion.

Send a Pro Tip Email

It’s very important to show golden moment to users which makes them realize that they don’t live without the product. This can be quickly done by sharing a pro tip email with the users.  You can let user know about the multiple features but make sure that keep message clear because making things complicated can delay that key moment of discovery.

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Looking at example below, once user setup account, they send a pro tip mailer which guides user with some of the top features and use cases. If a user is interested in one of these cases they are so much closer to being considered a successfully on boarded customer.

Educational Emails:

An educational email helps user in on boarding and can act as bridge between a newbie to a powered seasoned user. You can list down the major features which helps user to identify the major milestones they need to accomplish to take full advantage of the product.

For example, in the educational mail below tips are shared with user which will help them to know best features about pin board.

Send a Trial Reminder Email

In case that you offer a free trial, it might be a decent idea to send them a trial reminder email half way through as a generous reminder. “Activation link” will help users to activate their paid accounts. You can in fact add “Schedule a demo” as it is a great chance to show outstanding customer service and that you care about solving your users’ queries.

Create a monthly webinar

Once you notice that the list of free trial users is growing, you can in fact conduct free monthly online sessions to attract new users. Make the webinar accessible at a suitable time and then you can even release presentations or related educational videos so that the users who were not able to attend the webinar are still benefitted. This is one of the best way to show potential customers that you are serious for community and will continue to serve them once they will be converted into paid customers.

Final Verdict

Keep your on boarding processes optimized with email marketing to emphasis on the most significant features and achievement triggers at any given time. The procedure needs continuous revision and iteration, the same way your product does, to keep suiting your clients’ requirements.

I hope that these emails templates give you a good place to start enhancing from.

Your Thoughts

What methods you are using to turn free users into paying customers through email marketing in SaaS products? Let me know in the comments below.