10 Game-Changing Digital Marketing Strategies to Amplify Your ROI

digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing has become a must-do in today’s business world. But alas, at the end of the day, the success of any digital marketing campaign is determined by how much money it earns you – aka, your Return on Investment (ROI). Solidifying your digital marketing plan is key for success. This article talks about 10 strategies for optimising your campaign and ensuring higher Returns on Investment. 

But, before we get into the specifics of it all, let’s try to get a much better understanding of ROI and everything related to it, shall we?

What is ROI? 

ROI, or Return on Investment, is a fancy term that helps businesses figure out if they’re making moolah or not. Basically, ROI tells you how much money you’re making from the investments you’re putting in. It’s like a scorecard that helps you keep track of your success!

You can calculate ROI in a bunch of different ways, like looking at how much profit you made or how much cash is rolling in during a certain time period. By knowing your ROI, you can make smarter choices about your investments and plans, which means you’ll be able to rake in more dough in the long run.

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Calculating Marketing ROI

Working out the ROI is quite important (if not fundamental) to looking into how successful a digital marketing campaign has been. Basically, it’s the ratio between all of the profits made from running it and all of the money you spent on it. The formula for calculating ROI is as follows:

ROI = (Total Revenue – Marketing Investment) / Marketing Investment x 100

And you’ve figured out the ROI of your campaign, you will be able to tweak your marketing strategies to get better returns.

Reasons to Calculate ROI

Figuring out your ROI has lots of benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should be doing it:

1. Helps determine campaign effectiveness.

Working out the Return on Investment of your digital marketing campaign is an incredibly great way to determine if it was successful. A high return on investment is obviously desirable, however, a low ROI could indicate that some tweaks need to be made.

2. Enables budget allocation.

Figuring out ROI is a great way to see which marketing initiatives are bringing in the most profits. If you analyze the ROI of each campaign, you can find out which ones are more profitable and invest more resources into those.

3. Helps with future planning.

Studying your past campaigns is a great way to anticipate the future. Doing ROI calculations gives you an insight into which tactics were successful so that you can repeat them in the upcoming campaigns.

4. Provides insights into customer behavior.

Looking at how much return you are getting from each campaign will give you an idea of your customer’s preferences, making it easier to make decisions on your next marketing move.

5. Allows for optimization and improvement.

Figuring out ROI is like having a map to plan out your marketing. It tells you what worked as well as what didn’t so you can make better decisions with future campaigns.

Steps to Take Before Optimising ROI

■ Set up tools to measure.

If you don’t know much about tracking your marketing return on investment, getting started is as easy as setting up a few basic tools. Google Analytics is an absolutely amazing tool to measure ROI. 

■ Use campaign tracking tools.

To figure out where your website’s visitors are coming from, you can take a look at the Acquisition tab in Google Analytics. It’ll show what sources—whether it’s social media, organic search, or something else—are bringing the most people to your site and resulting in the most value.

■ Benchmark your marketing ROI.

It’s gonna take more than just data gathering to calculate ROI for past campaigns. Breaking down the ROI of previous digital marketing initiatives can help you keep track of your growth and assess how effective those efforts were. This can help you judge your progress over time.

■ Decide on digital marketing goals.

Achieving success in marketing campaigns is all about setting the right goals. Looking at the data from your previous campaigns can give you an insight into what was successful and what wasn’t, helping you optimize future ones. Having this knowledge under your belt can be a real bonus – enabling you to set achievable goals for the next set of campaigns! Striving to reach these targets will provide optimal return on investment.

Alright, now that we’re finished with that, let’s get to the topic at hand. 

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10 effective digital marketing strategies to boost your campaign ROI

1. Use marketing automation tools.

If you’re looking to get more work done, faster and much easier, then marketing automation tools are the way to go! They can help with a variety of tasks such as sending emails, social media posts or even updating your CRM – all in one easy-to-use tool. Automating these mundane chores can free up more of your time, freeing you up to focus on the more important parts of running a company.

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2. Focus on customer lifetime value.

CLV measures the overall profit that you get from a single customer over their entire journey with you. It’s wise to focus on this metric and optimize it, as it can increase your ROI by raising income per customer and minimizing the cost of bringing in new prospects.

3. Review your marketing processes.

Regularly go over your marketing approaches and see if you can identify ways to make them more efficient, save money, and raise profit returns. We’re talking about streamlining content production, optimizing your site for higher conversions, or upgrading lead nurturing strategies.

4. Compare ROI across different marketing channels.

Not all marketing efforts are equal, so you should always look at each channel’s ROI to see which ones bring in the most money for your business. That way, you can put your energy into the most profitable ones.

5. Use data to optimize your marketing campaign.

Data is like a superpower when it comes to optimizing your marketing. You can look at the data from your campaigns and spot trends, insights, and room for improvement. When you make decisions based on facts and figures, you can create a better return on investment (ROI).

6. Reduce your marketing costs.

Cut down on marketing expenses to boost your ROI. Talk to vendors for better deals, lessen ad spending on channels not getting results, and find cheaper and more effective ways to reach target customers.

7. Sell more to existing customers.

Focus on selling more stuff to current customers. Start by exploring options such as adding related products/services, upgrading existing products/services, or rewarding them for their loyalty.

8. Upskill yourself or your team to the latest standards

Digital marketing is ever-changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date if you want your campaigns to be successful. Upskill yourself and your team with the latest trends and practices for maximum results. Why don’t you and your team try signing up for an online course, going to conferences, or connecting with fellow digital marketers? 

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9. Outsource work to a specialist marketing agency.

It’s always an intelligent move to outsource your marketing projects to a professional agency. Not only does it save you precious time and money, but in the long run, it can help you increase ROI too! They come with their own specialized industry know-how and experience, which can be beneficial in designing great campaigns that would otherwise be beyond your reach.

10. Use artificial intelligence for data crunching and manual work.

AI can really come in handy to boost your digital marketing efforts. Automating data analysis and other manual tasks with AI gives you more time to focus on the tasks that will generate better ROI for your business.

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