Startup Pitch Deck Template


The best Investors would show interest in the first meeting and give you a deal by the 3rd, or the 4th meeting. It’s because they are very clear on what they are looking for and they do not waste time hanging in the gray area.

VC’s recieve 100’s of decks every month. What stands out is a deck detailed enough to present the entire story in a very compelling format.  Make the deck stand on its own. Make the deck so compelling, the VC already wants to invest before the first meeting.

Why do you need a Pitch Deck?

Catch attention and get the first/second meeting!
To make the Pitch Deck crisp and clear you need a kickass Startup Pitch Deck Template.

Startup Pitch Deck Template Segmentation:

We have Divided our Startup Pitch Deck Template into 6 segments:

  • Idea and Vision

    Deliver in short time, Capture their curiosity and get a second meeting. What Pain point you are solving? Why and will the customer pay for your product? is your solution sustainable and scalable? Have you validated the product market fit?
    Company Purpose
    What is happening today
    Why Now

  • Market and Competition

    Show them why the customer will see value in your product vs the competition. Changing a customer is very difficult and how you can do that is what you need to show. Is the Market opportunity Large enough?
    Customer Segmentation
    Market Sizing
    Target Market
    Competitive Strategy/Differentiator

  • Business Model

    How will you make money? how will you acquire customers? Investors want to see the business model and be convinced that it can make money in the long run.
    How will we make money
    Marketing/Sales/Customer Acquisition Channels

  • Product Architecture

    Overview of the product and how the customer would use this in their environment. Keep it simple. How does it solve the problem? The product should appear unique and simple enough for anyone to use.

  • Financials

    Investors want to know the price point you are selling at and your projections based on that. How much money do you need to reach your next milestone and how will you use the money.
    Expense breakdown
    The Ask
    Cost Distribution
    Financial Projections

  • Team

    Show investors that this team has relevant work experience and pedigree to succeed in the business. How your team is perfectly positioned to exploit the Business Opportunity? Don’t be afraid to brag.


  1. Keep Download size low.
  2. Less text on the slides and on the infographics.
  3. Don’t tell a story if you’re bad at it. Jump straight to point.
  4. Unless you have a ‘Truly Disruptive’ idea, do not approach an investor without traction. Sometimes first impressions can be the last.

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