Saas: How and when will your Saas product sell itself


There really are no two ways of looking at this. A great product sells itself. Period. No amount of marketing will help move a poor product into getting accepted by a large number of clients. The difference between a great product and a poor one lies in not just the actual product but importantly, in the experience of the customers while using the product at all stages. Here is what you need to do to get your SaaS sales automatically going.

#1 Help the customer get started with your product

After you have got the customer to signup for your product, it is important that the onboarding is smooth and free from hassle. Help your customer through the different stages of onboarding, and make the process as simple as possible, educating the customer about aspects like ticketing.

#2 Train the customers

Customers need to be trained to help them use the product for greater success. Customers use your products to achieve success in their operations. Help them be more successful, by offering extensive free training; this could be either in the form of eBooks or Videos. Videos are a simple and easy to understand format for customers.

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#3 Keep the blogs coming

Educating customers through periodic blogs is a great way of educating users. Readers who follow the blogs over a period of time are likely to have acquired considerable knowledge, and this is a strong channel to convert them into actual customers, over a short period, depending on the frequency of the blogs.

#4 Track customer pain points

You need to be on top of your game when it comes to addressing problems and offering a solution to customers even before they raise an issue. Track the problems faced by customers, understand how they succeed and how they fail. Armed with this foreknowledge, build solutions to fix the issues, and keep the customer satisfied.

#5 Identify your customer

If you have no idea of who your customers are, then you have got everything wrong in the first place. You will most likely find very few takers for your products. Understand your potential users, the need for the product and its usage, and why a customer would be attracted to what you offer. Do this before you do anything else.

#6 Make the transition from trial to paid user a lot simple

There are two types of organisations who offer options of trial and paid services. Some make the trial option complicated, with too many fields to fill, information to provide. Others make it complex to transit to the paid service. Both are deal breakers in the sign up process. Eliminate all barriers in the signup, let the customers breeze through.

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#7 Adopt suitable marketing methods for various levels of decision making at customer’s end

Your SaaS product, if intended for B2B, will need to influence different levels decision makers at the customer’s end. You need to get through the users, the workgroup level and the enterprise level audience. Have a plan in place to showcase the relevant functional, architectural and business aspects that the audience groups are more interested in.

#8 Offer integrations and a platform

Managing multiple apps is always considered a drain of time and resources. If you can permit users to integrate accounts from other applications, it will ease the process of managing multiple apps. Additionally, if you permit customers to use your app like a platform, on which they build other apps, your service will go higher on the value chain.

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#9 Handle expectations with greater integrity

Handling expectations is always a grey area in sales and marketing. Promotions may sometimes avoid mention of the paid service which users will have to opt for, after a certain period. This builds expectations on the part of customers, who will then make an impulsive decision to leave, when faced with the sudden prospect of having to pay. By stating the facts upfront, you can be sure that the customers who opt for the service are more likely to sign up for the paid services, because of their awareness at the time of signing up.

#10 Communicate

By communicating with customers and prompting them to take a certain action based on their activity, you will drive engagement. Communication will permit customers to make full use of the services, by being prompted about steps they failed to take, during onboarding or at other stages of use.

Customers who get to enjoy a great experience while using a SaaS product will be the biggest promoters, with user endorsements, Build a great product, and give customers a mind blowing experience when they use it, and see your SaaS product sell itself.