How to create Great Content for your Blog


Writing good content for your blog is very critical to driving organic traffic to your website.
Good content drives traffic to your site forever and free of cost!

The key to building a good blog is being consistent in publishing and keeping it relevant for your audience.
Having said that, I’d also like to point out that we’re in an age of information overload and whatever we are publishing needs to be exceptional.

If one pulls out their Blog’s Page views from Google analytics, you’ll realize that only 10% of your posts get 90% of the views, and we need to be churning more and more posts like the Top 10% of the high impact pieces.

create great content for your blog

Tactics to Create Great Content for your blog:

  • Identify What your competitors are writing & sharing

    Follow your competitors blog & social feeds and see what type of content are they sharing

  • Identify What content works best for your competitors

    Find out the content that drives maximum engagement for your competitors. See the Post share count, like and comments section.

  • Identify What Social Media channels work best for your competitors

    Identify which social media channel works best for your competitor

    Note: It is important to engage your visitors and make yourself more visible if you want to be seen online. Write blogs and publish them on your site which is informative and can draw your visitor’s attention. Create a subscription database so that each blog that you publish goes to these recipients, thus increasing your site traffic. Content optimization helped our clients increase their traffic by almost 300 percent. Check our healthcare digital marketing and legal digital marketing services for success.

  • Identify Top keywords, and entities for the best content

    Keywords and entities can be used to generate ideas and when using in your own articles, will help you rank higher in google search results.

  • Find the Most engaging content related to your industry

    Creating unique and most engaging content specific to your industry will also help you reach the same audience in a unique way and differentiates you from your competitors.

  • Identify the Top hashtags tweeted with your relevant content

    Hashtags are key to getting your content discovered. Trending/Commonly used hashtags allow your content to reach a wider audience.

  • Create Content from Content

    Listen to podcasts, watch videos, interviews, etc. Synthesize the content into words, overlay it with grammer, commas and some leeway. Tweak it, alter it, read it, iterate and give it the finishing touches.

  • Create Micro-Content

    Several pieces can be created from a single piece of content. You need to learn to hack your way into the content using keywords and categories, and capture the niche to write about.

  • Start writing

    Write fast, set deadlines, review and iterate later. Period.

  • Entertain

    Create Catchy Headlines, Image quotes, infographics etc and you’re good to go!

End Goals:

Get sustainable traffic from search, and convert readers into leads.

Promote your content and analyze its performance.

We’ve built StartupFlux Content Analytics to take care of points 1 to 6. if not already tried, do try it out!

The journey doesn’t end here. You actively need to:

  1. Monitor your Blog to understand what channels and content is working best for you. Milk the top selections!

  2. Monitor your Social Media accounts to see which content drives the maximum engagement

You can do both these things using the StartupFlux Business Dashboard, part of the same suite of solutions. Content marketeers dream, aint it?

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