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FoodTech covers all kinds of food and beverage related Startups – Food Delivery, Organic food, Cloud kitchens, Cooking equipment, Coffee, Tea, Juices, Fruits, Snacks, Bakeries, Restaurants, aggregators, booking agents etc.

Foodtech is a very hot space where over the years several players have come and gone. Lately, it has attracted a lot of flack over discounting and cash burn to compete in the market. And in the process, several players have shut down or have been involved in M&a’S. Some players have gone on to raise massive funding rounds and are dominating the market.
Food is a basic human necessity and will never go out of fashion. People eat and drink every day, several times a day. Hence the never-ending fascination for Foodtech Startups!

Value Chain


Average Funding Amount by Funding Round


Company Count by City


Companies acquired by Country

Companies Acquired by Country


Companies Closed by Year



Companies Founded by Country



Companies Founded by year



Total Funding Amount by Country


Total Funding Amount by year


Companies funded by Year


Number of Rounds by Funding type


Companies IPO’s by Country



Companies IPO’ed by Year



Companies Status


Top Players in India:

Swiggy Bangalore
Holachef Mumbai
PepperTap Gurgaon
Jugnoo Chandigarh
Scootsy Mumbai
Runnr Bangalore City
Licious Bengaluru
FreshMenu Bengaluru
Jumbotail Bangalore
MyGreens New Delhi
Teabox Darjeeling
TinyOwl Technology Mumbai
Paper Boat Haryana
Bira 91 New Delhi
Cafe Coffee Day Bangalore
Dodla Dairy Hyderabad
iD Fresh Food Bengaluru
InnerChef Gurgaon
Box8 Mumbai
Fingerlix Pune
Chai Point Bangalore
Milk Mantra Bhubaneswar
Chaayos New Delhi

Interesting Opportunities:

  • Reducing Food waste
  • B2B Food supply/ Corporate Catering
  • Healthy Food and Juices
  • Breakfast and Late night delivery
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farm
  • Soft/hard Drinks and Preservatives
  • Disrupting Cooking equipment/Automated kitchens
  • Frozen foods
  • Empty spaces exploring coworking
  • Digitizing and optimizing restaurants
  • Blockchain for Food Supply Chain

Key Questions

  • Regulations: Food safety compliances and delivery compliance
  • CAC vs Gross margins
  • Customer Loyalty

Full Report

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