How to Engage more effectively with your Target Audience


Why not leverage the content that others publish but is also relevant to your Business?

  1. Search using Relevant Keywords. Eg: ‘Content marketing’
    You will get a list of Blog posts related to the topic
  2. Use ‘Filters’ to sort by ‘Total Shares’. Because you’d rather spend energy on the most Engaging post then the graveyard.
  3. Use Date Published Filter like ‘Last 24 hrs, Last week’, since these are the posts that authors are also actively promoting.
  4. Click on ‘Read More’ to open the blog Post in the slider modal.
  5. Go through the post and
    a. Engage in Discussion with other people in the comments
    b. Recommend your Tool/Service to the Audience
    c. Compliment the author and build a relationship
    d. If it’s a List, Ask the Author to add your Company/Product/Service to the List.
  6. Save your query as a ‘Channel’ to come back and engage on the newer posts later.

Will Save you Hours if you try to do this manually!