Sales Intelligence

Company Search

Keyword Search

Search by keyword, multiple keywords or phrases. Eg: 'Marketing, Sales', 'Business Intelligence'

Custom Lists

Save your queries and search results into static and dynamic lists. 

Advanced Filters

Filter using parameters you'll not find anywhere else. We use Machine learning and AI to understand a company's business and tag them accordingly.

We're fast and ever expanding. Tell us what you need and we'll build a filter just for you!

Business Analytics

Predicting Business Analytics like Customer Type, Company Stage, Value chain etc

Benchmark Scores

Industry, competitor and growth benchmarks to assess company better and faster

40+ Data points

We curate and analyze 40+ Data points on every company


Find by Industry and sub sector the company is operating in

Web Rank

Filter using Global and Country Web rank of a particular website

Social Stats

Find out the traction numbers on key platforms like facebook and twitter

Website Performance

Website stats are an important measure of how well a company is doing online

Domain Authority

Learn how strong the website's presence is online and how trustable it is.


Find out companies in a particular, city, state, or a country

Team Size

Filter companies by number of employees

3rd party Ratings

From Glassdoor to Page Speed Insights. Aggregated scores at one place.

Investment Research

Fast Growing Companies

Find fastest growing companies by measuring how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time.

Competitive Landscape

See the entire Competitive Landscape for any company

Competitive Intelligence

Side by Side Compare

Compare 2 or more companies side by side based on various parameters

Company Alerts

Daily updates on Business expansion projects, events, mergers, funding, data point updates and several other signals.

Customer Research

Sales Prospecting

Use our Filters like location, team size, tech stack etc to Prospect B2B Sales Leads.

Customer Nurturing

Keep your Customers happy by continuously monitoring whats happening in their companies

Industry Landscape

Filter Companies by Industry

Use our industry classifiers to create list of companies by Industries.

Understand Industry Dynamics

Understand the Industry landscape by looking at different companies at play.

Market Intelligence

Engage Smarter

Stay on top of what's going on with your competitors, prospects, and customers.

Sales Hunting

Have the first mover advantage by using our classifiers like team chnages, funding, mergers & acquisitions, product updates etc.

Future Ready

Addons/Integrations for Company Intelligence

Competitor Tracking

Analyze multiple areas of your competitor’s online marketing strategy to give you an overview of their efforts to spot potential avenues for growth.

Sales CRM

Focus on generating leads, converting customers, increasing revenue, and making your customers successful with StartupFlux Sales CRM

Sales Recommedations

Correctly prioritize Lead Quality by shifting marketing metrics from a focus on the number of leads to deeper-in-the-funnel close rates.


40+ Data Points for Smarter Prospecting

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