Turning Data Into Opportunities

Democratizing the Data Revolution

Smart Data. Collected, Cleaned & Structured from 100’s of sources from around the web

40+ data points including Global and Local website rank
Social media Stats - Facebook Twitter
Discover Ideas, Companies, Markets, Business models, value chains
Discover Technology stacks, Team, Funding, Location

Smart Searches. We like to think of us as Google For Startups

Search by Keywords
Search by Company name or url
Search by Location, Industry
Search by concepts like funding, acquisition and more

Smart Features. From Ideas to Leads, we’ve got you covered.

Competitive research to validate ideas and build product roadmaps Discover Investors, Partners and Customers Discover relevant News filtered by location, companies, concepts and industries Find tools/products/services to consume

Smart Filters. Filter and organize your research into lists.

Filter by Business lifecycle and Team size
Filter by Continent, Country, States and Cities
Filter By Customer type and Tech Stacks
Filter by Funding details

Smart Graphs. We track all the stats over time.

Global and local website ranking tracked every week
Facebook and Twitter engagement tracked every week
See Technology usage across companies
Distribution of business models, business types, industries and more

Smart Insights. Intelligence simplified. Enough said.

Predicting a company's Position in value chain
Predicting Business model, customer category
Benchmarked ratings- Competitive index, market momentum, growth and sustainibility score
Aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data

Smart Tracking. Spy smartly and always be one up on your competition.

Track competitor webpages for changes
Pre-built data visualizations and dashboards for your metrics
Track your Social, Google analytics metrics on one page
Task board to build strategies on

Smart Strategy. Streamline and scale business more confidently.

Build better and more powerful products
Spy on competitors products and roadmaps
Strategize your actions based on calculated growth trajectories
Invent deeper into the topics that drives engagement.

Smart Visualizations. They say, pictures speak louder than words.

Visualize markets by industry, sub sector, location, business models
Embedded Sections to read everything on One page
Interactive visualizations to play around
Autogenerated and Custom visualization options