Top Tools for Investors to find Startups

Investors use several tools to discover and evaluate Startups. There are platforms like Gust and where Startups list themselves and ask for investments. But there is another market of Tools for Investors to find Startups. Here we list some of the top ones:


More like a Datastore. The biggest Startup database of the lot. They have also added Investors, University, and People information. There are separate sections for funding rounds and acquisitions.
They provide both a SAAS platform and an API for consumers.

Pricing: $29  – $99 monthly/billed annually


CB Insights

CB Insights is the most comprehensive, and most expensive of the lot. They cater to large VC firms and Enterprise. CB Insights is able to provide predictive analytics alongside analytics and insights on companies and market.

Pricing: $3,550 – $12,450 monthly/billed annually



Mattermark is pretty popular in the VC and Angel world. They help them with Startup Discovery by using their proprietary growth and mindshare score.

Pricing: $50 – $500 monthly/billed annually



Tracxn has an army of analysts working day and night to add new startups to their database classified by very comprehensive categories and subcategories. They produce market reports with a list of interesting unfunded startups with and for several investment firms.

Pricing: ~$400 – $2000 monthly/billed annually



Privco provides Comprehensive Private company information with financial and contact data. They also provide analyst as part of their bespoke service offering. Mostly used for Deal Sourcing and research.

Pricing: Starting $699 monthly/billed annually



Pitchbook provides detailed data on private company deals, m&a, VC firms etc. They help organizations with Private Market Intel, Fundraising, Due Diligence, Business Development and Deal Execution.
Pricing: Starting $1,500 monthly





A suite of Smart Solutions to help grow your business. ‘Company analytics’ will help investors discover startups. You can sort by business models, value chain, product type, industry, size and more. Using our benchmarked ratings (Sustainability Index, Growth Score, Market Trend, Competitive Index) easily sort, find and evaluate Startups.

Pricing: Starting $49



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