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Our Acquisition Wishlist

Given our size and stage, this may sound funny. But yes we do have an acquisition wish list!

We have a vision “Consulting in the Cloud” and we are executing on it step by step.

Over the past 3-4 months, we’ve evaluated several tools, open source projects and built’s POC’s. We’ve learnt what we want to do and what we don’t. We are now laser focussed. We have chalked out a detailed product roadmap and carefully thought pivot points for our company.

There are too many things that we want to do but we’ve decided to focus on the fundamentals, keep some things aside for the future as product opportunities, and create a list of things that we just want to acquire instead of spending time to develop in-house.(Things that have already been perfected by many people, why re-invent the wheel?). So we built an acquisition wishlist based on our strengths and weakness.

Our Strengths:

1. Great team with a mix of skillsets. Excellent breadth of Knowledge.
2. Ability to pick up anything new and quickly build successful POC’s.
3. Excellent research ability.

Our Weaknesses:

1. Speed: Given the lean team size, data acquisition and maintenance overheads.
2. Depth of Product: Given the breadth of features.

Type of Companies we want to acquire/acqi-hire:

1. Primary/Proprietary (Business/User) data

2. Acqui-hire machine learning teams

3. Acqui-hire web and mobile app development teams

4. Marketing Automation Solution – Email, Social and Web/Mobile Notification

5. Company working on Open Data Sets

6. Blockchain solution provider

7. Crowdfunding Platform

8. Video/Content Marketing Agency

9. Software Security Company

10. Team with extensive experience in M&A, Funding etc

11. Ad marketing Intelligence company (Like MOAT)

12. Newsletter Marketing Intelligence company (Like InboxDb)

13. SEO Keyword Intelligence company

14. Social/Web mentions and Social keywords/hashtags analysis

15. Technology Stack explorer like

16. Startup Consultancy – Strategy and Fundraising

17. Custom dashboards and Integration like

18. Product Usage Details like


This is our acquisition wish list for now. We’ll keep this updated as our company evolves.
If you are or know a company which matches our requirements or would like to partner up, drop us an email, we’d love to talk!
I’m at

P.S. This post is inspired by Acquisition Wishlist published by CBInsights on their blog.



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