Content Intelligence

Content Discovery

Discover by Time Period

Discover the most shared content in the last 12 months or the last 24 hours. Find the trending content and analyze what is trending over time.

Discover by Domain

Search by domain by typing in the domain such as, to find the most shared content from that domain.

Discover by Entities

Search by Industries, Keywords, Locations, People.
Content search allow you to dive deep into the data to gain actionable insights.
Follow Industry Trends, News on key people and Locations, and track content by your desired or pre-extracted topics.

Discover by Social Network

Filter by social platform to discover content that is resonating most on say Facebook or LinkedIn.

Discover by Author

Construct mockups or production-ready pages in-browser with Variant Page Builder

Discover by Influencer

Search for an author’s most shared content by using the operator “author:John Doe” or click on their name.

Influencer Search

Follow Influencers

Follow Influencers from directly within StartupFlux. See what content and domains they are sharing.

Find Influencers

You can search for the key influencers.

Author Search

Follow Authors

See what platforms are the authors publishing on and getting what kind of engagement

Find Authors

Click on Author or search author:JohnDoe to find authors and the content they've published.

Content Curation

Analyze your Blog

Analyze how your content is performing, who is sharing your content and what network work best for you.

Custom Channels

Save queries into channels and get alerted when new content is published that matches your queries.

Content Analytics

Smart Analysis

Understand the type of content that works in your industry. Analyze competitors and your own domain for insights.

Analyze by Parameters

Analyze how content is performing by content length, social networks, authors or influencers.

Competitor Research

Blog Anaysis

Enter a competitor’s domain to search for their most shared content. Analyze what is working for them.

See who's sharing Competitor content

See who has been sharing your competitor’s content.

Customer Updates

Convert Customers

Research about prospective customers & industries to delight them with your knowledge.

Be Proactive

Keep your customers happy. Stay on top of how they or their industry is performing. Stay updated and act accordingly.

Share Content


Find the most engaging content for your industry and share curated content across social networks using Buffer.

Scheduler (Coming soon)

Schedule content you want to share. Put channels on autopilot mode to publish on your social media accounts.

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Get automated recommendations on what content to share, on what networks and at what times.


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