Business Dashboard

Connect all your Accounts

Pre-Built Apps

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google Analytics, Youtube, and adding more constantly.

Custom Data Sources

Tell us what Products/Services we use and we'll quickly build an integration for you. Our goal is to free you from any Limits.


Beautiful Visualizations

Smart Visualizations allow you to analyse & dive deep into the data to gain actionable insights.

Custom Dashboard

Choose the most important metrics for your business and build custom dashboards for your team

Page Insights

Tabular Data

Visualize your posts in Tabular format and get Insights into whats working and whats not.

Filter & Sort

A data table displays your raw data and gives you the ability to sort, select, and get insights using that data.

Advanced Analytics

Predicitve Analytics (Coming Soon)

Predicting where your graphs should be moving at any point of time. Helps you achieve targets everyday

Anomaly Detection (Coming Soon)

We'll detect anomalies in your data so that you can identify whats going wrong or whats going viral.

Action Oriented

Share Reports (Coming Soon)

Combine blocks from a range of categories to build pages that are rich in visual style and interactivity.

Get Recommendations (Coming Soon)

Stack is built with customization and ease-of-use at its core — consistent markup and useful data attribute modifiers make rapid development simple.

Future Ready

Everything you need to Scale your Business

Industry Benchmarks

Measure your strength against industry benchmarks and know what it takes to succeed

100+ Services Pipeline

With so many Services available out there, we're working hard to achieve integrations with 100 services asap.

Targets & Reporting

Keeping your team on the same page. Set Goals and Generate reports to share with other stakeholders and the team.


Take immediate actions and keep the Graphs moving upwards