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Alternative Lending : Market Analysis Report Preview

The growth of the global Alternative Lending market is mainly being driven by growing advancements in technology that is encouraging potential consumers and existing players to make quick decisions. The low cost of operations is also supporting the growth of this market in comparison to the growth rate of conventional money lending institutions.

Additionally, increasing student population is also propelling the global P2P lending market as a majority of the students seek loans at cheaper interest rates than what is offered by traditional money lenders. However, the risk of investors losing their money due to defaults on repayment is likely to have a severe impact on the growth of this market.

Alternate Lending Major Business Models

Three models are emerging in online lending. Players such OnDeck and Kabbage are using their own balance sheet; they are raising capital from institutional investors, including hedge funds, and using proprietary risk scoring models that include non‐traditional data to decision loans for small business owners. Peer-to-peer platforms such as Lending Club, Prosper, and Funding Circle are connecting capital from institutional and retail investors with prime and sub‐prime quality borrowers. Lender‐agnostic marketplaces such as Fundera and Biz2Credit provide online marketplaces which connect borrowers with a range of traditional and alternative lenders.



Alternative Lending Companies Founded by Country

Count by Funding Rounds


Funding rounds by Founded year


Growth Score by Founded Year


Funding by Country


Active Companies by Country


Growth Score by Country


No. of Companies by City


No. of Companies by Business Model


Year Founded, Year IPO vs No. of Comapnies


Founded by Year


Founded by Country


Exit Type


  • Fintech top Players to pull their lead
  • P2P Lending to grow globally. Small Businesses to Ensure Rapid Growth of P2P Lending in Asia Pacific
  • P2P lending market was worth ~US$30 bn (~13 billion in US, 7 Billion UK) in 2016. Analysts predict that the market valuation will reach ~US$900 bn by 2024
  • Blockchain will start having an impact on FinTech. From Prototype stage, blockchain will come into early stages of becoming real, mainstream and scalable.
  • Digital banking, cards, online wallets to lead the way in fintech growth.
  • Fintech firms will continue to build stronger technology faster, relative to traditional finance companies. This will continue to put pressure on larger companies and will result in M&A activity.
  • American Large FinTech firms set to profit under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Key Questions

  • Who should be the regulator, and how much transparency should there be?
  • With rise of Digital Banks, will P2P lending survive?
  • When will Indian government release rules for P2P lending and crowdfunding against loan/equity?

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